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Ball valves, brass and steel fittings production

Who we are

Founded in 1901, Rubinetterie Bresciane is the first born company of the Bonomi Group. In over one hundred and twenty years, it has been a manufacturer of brass ball and butterfly valves. Over time, it has expanded its product portfolio with components for heating, pressure reducers and the widest range of brass and metal press fittings and “100% Made in Italy” quick coupling systems. Tradition, innovation and people have always been the driving force for growth and the development of increasingly efficient solutions.

Mln € (2022 Turnover)


Rubinetterie Bresciane was born in Lumezzane (Brescia), as producer of oenology valves


Rubinetterie Bresciane is the first producer of the patented two-ball valves


Fittings are added to products portfolio


Rubinetterie Bresciane new production facility was inaugurated


In 2022 Fra.Bo has merged corporately into Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A.


Rubinetterie Bresciane acquires Chibro



Industrial plants need 100% guaranteed efficiency and safety. Rubinetterie Bresciane engineers and produces different kinds of valves and fittings in various materials for industrial systems distributing water, gas, treated water and oils.


Rubinetterie Bresciane offers ball and butterfly valves and cupronickel fittings suitable for naval applications.


Over time Rubinetterie Bresciane has structured an internal OEM division, which produces small metal parts in different materials on customer request.


Rubinetterie Bresciane works every day to expand and to make its offer for the plumbing and sanitary sector more and more efficient with a wide range of ball and butterfly valves, fittings, pressure reducers, dirt separators and accessories for heating.


Rubinetterie Bresciane offers ball valves for water and gas distribution networks, for entry and exit from the meter. The company has also developed and patented several innovative solutions, such as the BUBBLE SFER QB, a ball valve with the guaranteed minimum vital flow.


Precision and tailoring know-how involve all departments and business sectors, with continuous checks to guarantee the quality of the products, their efficiency and durability. Furthermore, a quality company is also a sustainable company. It is not a choice but a responsibility and Rubinetterie Bresciane has always believed in this. It was the first Lombardy company to receive the A+ energy certification and today it is powered by 7,372 photovoltaic panels with an average annual production of 2,044,000 kWh. The oils used in the processing are reused and the attention to the correct management of waste is constant. Our packaging is evolving over time towards a concept of total sustainability. This idea of “green” is not only shared with all those who work in the company every day, but also is extended to the network of external collaborators, suppliers and customers. With daily work, Rubinetterie Bresciane has also obtained the most important certifications:

ISO 9001 - Quality

The quality is certified by the Swiss body SQS partner of IQNET, that has recognized the Quality Managing System as in conformity with the international code of practice ISO 9001.

ISO 14001 - Environment

Since innovation also means to be ahead of times, Rubinetterie Bresciane, first in Italy in its sector, also applies the Environmental Managing System, certified ISO 14001.

ISO 45001 - Worker's health and safety

ISO 45001 is an Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and safety management systems. It is intended to help an organizations to control occupational health and safety risks.

ISO 50001 - Energy management system

Continuous improvement applied to the management system and the ongoing search for company inefficiencies, let Rubinetterie Bresciane to implement and integrate an energy management system, certified by SQS in accordance with ISO 50001.


Rubinetterie Bresciane has always invested in the personal and professional growth of each individual employee, aware of the fact that in order to be a competitive company in all areas, updating and continuous training are required. This type of approach has allowed over time to create a strong connection between company and people and a real sharing of objectives.

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May 31, 2024

RUBINETTERIE BRESCIANE PROTAGONIST OF THE DOCUFILM “Come tessere di un mosaico - Lumezzane: un distretto unico al mondo”

Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi with the Bonomi Group has been chosen, along with other local excellences from Lumezzane, as the protagonist of the docufilm “Come tessere di un mosaico - Lumezzane: un distretto unico al mondo” (Like pieces in a mosaic - Lumezzane: a unique district in the world), realised by the cultural department.

A documentary that describes the historical evolution of the work within the entrepreneurial realities involved, showing images of the production processes and products, but also the living voice of the representatives of the companies involved. An initiative that is part of the events and manifestations organised for the year that designates Brescia as the Italian capital of culture.

Cavaliere del Lavoro Aldo Bonomi spoke about the strong team spirit and emulation that has led this district to become a model worldwide, often cited for its entrepreneurial initiative.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/OVd89mdfxE0

This film is promoted by the Cultural Department of the City of Lumezzane and made in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, degree course in Disciplines of the Arts, Media and Performing Arts of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy - Brescia campus.

The project could be realized thanks to the contribution of the following companies: Almag, Becchetti BAL, Bonomi Group, Camozzi Group, Forelli Pietro, Gambari, Gnutti Cirillo, Idrosanitaria Bonomi, Ilcar di Bugatti, Mario Fernando Group, SIL - Industrie Saleri Italo, Zani Serafino.

February 19, 2024

Bonomi Group promotes well-being in the workplace

A favourable work environment does not only equate to rewards, incentives, or benefits, but also to customized programmes and projects that promote physical and mental health in the workplace. 

Bonomi Group has always invested in corporate well-being and in all those good practices needed to live well in a corporate organization.

First and foremost, since it operates in the engineering sector, Bonomi Group pays the utmost attention to the management of occupational health and safety, by analysing all the risks present in the work environment and implementing guidelines and procedures aimed at protecting the workforce.

Bonomi Group also provides a programme of free cancer prevention screenings in collaboration with Fondazione ANT. They take place during working hours, at the company premises or through a mobile clinic. The strong commitment to this issue is also confirmed by the recognition obtained by Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi in 2023 with the Eubiosia Franco Panutti "Prevention and Welfare" award for the ever-demonstrated economic and moral support.

In each company of Bonomi Group there is a completely renovated canteen with wide and bright spaces. It allows employees to follow a healthier diet and to meet and socialise, thus promoting collaboration and an exchange of ideas.

At Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi in Gussago there is also a gym, open and accessible free of charge for all employees of the group companies, to encourage physical activity and improve the quality of life.

For some years now, the group companies have also introduced flexible working hours so that employees can avoid travelling at times when traffic is heaviest, thus reducing the risk of accidents and stress and meeting personal needs by allowing a balance between work and personal life.

Bonomi Group shows a sincere interest in its employees. Maintaining their well-being and a good work environment is the key asset to ensure their future and the prosperity of every company of the group.